Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program

The VB- MAPP is a criterion-referenced assessment tool which was developed by Marc. L. Sundberg. It is based on  B.F. Skinner’s  (American psychologist and behaviorist) analysis of verbal behavior.


The VB-MAPP consists of the following 5 components, which provide a baseline level of performance, a direction for intervention, a system for tracking skill acquisition, a tool for outcome measures and other language research projects, and a framework for curriculum planning.


1) Milestones assessment: This section allows the assessment of 170 measurable learning and language milestones, which are balanced across three developmental levels (0-18 months, 18-30 months and 30-48 months).


2) Barriers assessment: This area enables an assessment of 24 common language and learning acquisition barriers that are often faced by children with autism.


3) Transition assessment: This component includes 18 test areas , which help to determine the child's progress and to determine whether it has learned the necessary skills to learn in a less restrictive environment.


4) Task analysis and skills tracking: This section allows a further breakdown of the skills, and serves as a more complete and ongoing learning and language skills curriculum guide. About 900 further skills are distributed over the 16 areas of the VB MAPP.


5) Placement and individualized education plan (IEP) goals: This area helps to develop IEP goals and a teaching program. 


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